Foreign forex open account learn forexopenaccountg habits in forexapi exchange forexfactory In the foreign exchange cashback forex, 80% of traders will encounter losses, really can be stable and profitable foreign exchange traders only accounted for a few people in recent years, with the increasing volatility of the foreign exchange market, coupled with the relatively intuitive profitability of foreign exchange trading, more and more foreign exchange investors to join the speculative foreign exchange team foreign exchange trading forexjobs habits are very Important, the following points are introduced for your reference Determine the size of the investment In foreign exchange trading investment before, determine their investment size and r forexbankk tolerance is very important This is the basis for foreign exchange trading investors to develop investment strategies for higher income, risk awareness is weak, and lack of expertise and spare time investors, it is recommended to use the investment quadratic method to determine the investment ratio The relative nature of speculative psychology without hard work The idea that you can make a substantial fortune without hard work is probably the main reason why most investors get involved in foreign exchange trading The initial interest of an investor may be to hear that someone is making a lot of money in foreign exchange trading However, the truth is harsh, in the foreign exchange trading market, 80% of traders always lose money, 10%-15% of traders can break even, and only about 5% of traders can really make a steady profit Follow the The Forex market is so large that even a man like George Soros cannot manipulate the entire market. In fact, more information is not the solution, the solution lies in the right information in the right form, i.e. reading the market itself, not reading other peoples opinions about it. We are following the main drivers of the market. Be willing to admit your mistakes. Being willing to admit your mistakes is not inconsistent with a consistent investment habit of trading foreign exchange.